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anabundanceofsheerios asked:

Say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

Non negotiable? Pushyyyy
I guess I’ll do this? (Never been tagged :D)

1.) I’m tall…. So the fact that I can reach things way up high?
2.) I can do oversplits
3.) I can kinda sorta play guitar
4.) I have kinda short toes but I like them (I had no idea they were stubby until like a month ago when someone pointed it out)
5.) my hair is confused blonde (some parts are blonde and some are brunette)
6.) I have small boobs so I can do sports and dance and it doesn’t hurt
7.) my eyes change color depending on the lighting
8.) I can do 100+ crunches in one sitting
9.) I have a small booty so his anaconda won’t ( I don’t need a snake with a butt fetish bothering me)
10.) I ate a peice of peanut butter chocolate cheesecake and I don’t feel the tiniest bit guilty about it

So yeahhhhh :)

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